**Opening Spring of 2022**

Another Chapter

Counselling Service

Founder & Counsellor

Paige Mathison

Registered Clinical Counsellor (Pending)

Compassionate and kind with a hint of humour, Paige is a great person to connect with. She recognizes the importance of a solid therapeutic relationship and wants to help each client achieve their wellness goals.

Kelowna Based

Another Chapter Counselling is located in Kelowna, BC. Because virtual options are growing, services can be provided to clients who are residents of British Columbia or are temporarily staying in the area.


Once an office location is secured, in person counselling will be an option for those able and interested. The space will be set up with the intention for a warm and welcoming experience. *COVID Guidelines will be Followed*

Wellness Speaking

The owner and service provider for Another Chapter has extensive public speaking experience, including virtual and in person events. Topics Include: sober living, finding the right counsellor, love languages, solution-focused approaches, positive psychology, reducing burnout, personalizing self-care, comedy and much more.

Free Intake Session

It is essential to have rapport with your counsellor. A 15 minute consultation can be scheduled for a conversation between counsellor and potential client to ensure an appropriate therapeutic match.

Virtual Option

This option is for British Columbian residents near and far. As some people have a preference to meet online and others live outside of Kelowna, this convenient option is available for every client. Wearing pjs or sweatpants is always welcome.

Group Therapy

Another Chapter is currently working on group therapy sessions and educational events. This is a more affordable option and meant to build wellness skills with the helpful influence of other participants. Group therapy can decrease the feelings of aloneness many experience when struggling with mental health.


Another Chapter is hoping to open the doors in Spring of 2022. In the mean time, please join the waitlist if you have an interest in becoming a future client with counsellor Paige Mathison.

*Must be living in BC at time of service.*